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"Life is a cake and love is the icing on top of it. Without love, it becomes difficult to swallow life."

Mehek Bassi

our story...

Take a Bite Out of Happiness with Our Handcrafted Cakes

Welcome to my Happy Place! My name is Samantha and I am the baker, creator and sweet treat maker. Love lives in our home, with my husband and our two boys.

Our journey began in 2014 with our official first order, we were so excited. From watching hours of baking shows, little did I know that my hobby would turn into a small business.

As a self-taught baker, I had to find a way to make to delicious and moist cakes. Therefore, all our cakes are made from scratch using only the finest quality ingredients available. My classic vanilla and chocolate sponges topped with our signature marshmallow flavoured icing is a must have with the kids and adults too. Every slice has a taste of happiness.

The passion, hard work and attention to detail put into each cake is limitless. For me, it’s all about creating special memories. Kids have a special place in my heart and every message, voice note, or hug received is treasured.

We hope to hear from you soon….let’s make lasting memories together.

our Awards...

We are thrilled to announce that Sam, our talented and dedicated baker, has won the prestigious award for the Most Popular Baker! This award recognizes Sam’s exceptional skills and unwavering passion for creating delicious and unforgettable pastries.

Her journey as a baker began with a simple love for baking and has now blossomed into a successful career. With each creation, Sam pours their heart and soul, adding a unique touch to every treat. It is no surprise that her creations have captured the hearts and taste buds of many, making her the most sought-after baker in the community.

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Samantha Kumersamy